Established 1911

  • Rear of Coalmont Hotel
  • Coalmont General Store
  • Jim Smart's old house on Front Street
  • FP Cook's headstone
  • Meat Market
  • Rear of Livery on Front Street

A Century Later

Barns at Roaney Creek Ranch

Granite Creek Cementery

Granite Creek building

Ed Cosman's workshop

Front St. and Parrish from up the hill

What Happened To "The City Of Destiny"?

Coalmont has a colourful history involving precious metals, coal, and colourful people. From the end of the Granite Creek gold rush through the rise and fall of Blakeburn and the mountain of coal, Coalmont has remained a community. The images above are from the 21st century, but hint at what has been, the lives that have been lived here, and another century.

Several books have been written on the history of the area. The first one is Blakeburn - From Dust to Dust: The Rise and Fall of a Coal Mining Town (ISBN: 091977303). There is also Blakeburn: BC's Forgotten Ghost Town by Terry Malanchuk. However, the most comprehensive history of Granite Creek and Coalmont has just been published by Diane Sterne to commemorate the 2011 Coalmont Centennial. The book is called White Gold and Black Diamonds (ISBN: 978-0-9866769-1-8) and you can get it here:

Coalmont Centennial Store

Front and Parish bottom part

You can also find a short history with more links on the Coalmont Community web site.

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